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Successful Content Seeding Case-Philips Electrical Mask

· Lance established the partnership with Philips in 2020 Nov. to output seeding content of Philips electrical mask on TikTok and Red Book.

· Through brand positioning and product analysis, Lance made proper investment strategy, channels and proportion. Lance sucessfully recruited 100 high quality KOCs with gift exchange or reward by Nov. 15th.

· The original standard for KOCs is 2,000 followers at least. 

· In fact, the average number of KOCs that Lance recruited is 11,000 for Red Book and 21,000 for TikTok. The actual total exposure is 799,000 (by Nov. 26th), which was the way more exceeded the original target.

Content Seeding Result Statistics

  1. Red Book:33 Units,Number of likes:990
  2. Tik Tok:67 Units,Number of likes:5197
  3. Estimated Exposure:73600
        Actual Exposure:799621  Completion Rate:1086.45%
      (By 2020 Nov. 26th)


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