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· Incubate hero products

· Create new trending products

· Co-branding joint gift boxes

· Time-limited gift-giving activity

· Celebrity endorsed SKUs

· Tmall exclusive launch

· Combo kit sales


During 2017 Double 11, CARAT RAY had sold 4700 pieces, total sales 10 million+;

August 2018, Tmall Small Black Box incubated new ReFa product

Currently it has become ReFa’s top-selling SKU

Cooperate with Flowerplus, The Beast, Häagen-Dazs and Swarovski to launch

limited-edition added-value gift boxes

During 2018 Double 11, ReFa had sold 7500 sets

Upselling across whole store

Basket average price increased from 1580 to 1980 RMB (+25%)

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