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Why need to do live streaming?

  • 1. Live streaming is the trend of e-commerce industry.
  • 2. The epidemic promotes online shopping and live streaming grows dramatically.
  • 3. Offline shopping transfers to online shopping.
  • 4. Real-time introduction and customer query solution.
  • 5. Strong sense of interaction for customers and better effect on leading to purchase. 

Why choose Lance to do?

  • 1. Lance has operated live streaming for 3 years which helps to accumulate great experience of live streaming.  
  • 2. Many successful case studies of cooperating with top KOLs.
  • 3. Efficient team communication (live streaming /operation). 
  • 4. Compared to traditional MCNs, Lance is more familiar with products and e-commerce industry, which perfectly meets brand's needs. 
  • 5. Compared to other TPs, Lance has more industrial resource (professional live streamers, KOLs/KOCs and channels to link top KOLs). 
  • 6. Lance's experience of combining content marketing and sales is more suitable for brands.

Lance's live streaming operation service

  • 1. Professional live streaming team
  • 2. Customise appropriate script and plan for products
  • 3. Decoration of live streaming room, including background arrangement and sample display
  • 4. Decoration and design for live streaming and test
  • 5. Review of live streaming data
  • 6. Optimized strategy and customize the best project based on the data 



  • Visual Creation

  • Short Video Shooting

  • Livestream Service

  • Store Analysis

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