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Rise of Short Video

Short video has already become the main spreading format of social information. Compared to the text, sound or other kinds of information, users prefer to get information from short videos. If we take the launch of TikTok and Kwai as the starting point of short video's development, short video apps have gathered a large number of users at present.    

How To Create A Hot Video?

Short Video Shooting Strategy 

  • Show content at the beginning

    Interesting idea in the first 3 seconds, lifestyle saying or TikTok style, suspenseful lines

  • Show lifestyle scene at the middle

    Interesting plot and voice, creative effects, product test, examples, true life scene, comparison between before and after use, strong comparation 

  • Increase conversion at the end

    Guided by both dubbing & BGM



  • Visual Creation

  • Short Video Shooting

  • Livestream Service

  • Store Analysis

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