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    Lance uses leverage to improve the effect of seeding.

    • Accurate brand positioning and mining the selling points of products.

    • Lance charges lower than industrial standard and helps to do the gift exchange.

    • Has real and  quality KOCs resources.

    • Customise investment strategy, high quality channel and creative scripts based on brand positioning.

    • Follow up the investment effect to ensure the execution of plans. Timely adjust investment strategy based on the effect before, to ensure the quality of investment. 


  • Traditional MCNs

    Most of MCNs do not have e-commerce experience.

    • Charging is not transparent for layers of channels raise price. 

    • The actual number of fans and exposure could be faked.

    • Only focus on single mission and only care about the quantity of content. The content quality can not be guaranteed.

Compared to traditional MCNs, Lance not only pays more attention to the quality of seeding, but also has rich experience of e-commerce operation.